Radeon VII 16GB News – Nvidia CEO Says Radeon VII is ‘Underwhelming’ and ‘Lousy’, ‘They Thought of it This Morning’

AMD is understandably proud of its new flagship Radeon VII GPU, a new high-end competitor to Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 2080. Nvidia head honcho Jensen Huang isn’t having any of it though, delivering a series of withering put-downs in regards to his competitor’s new graphics card.

“It’s underwhelming,” said Huang during a chat with PC World, bluntly attempting to knock a $699 graphics card off its pedestal. While you can see the full specs here, the Radeon VII is the world’s first 7nm gaming graphics card, featuring 13.8 TFLOPS of performance and 16GB HBM2 delivering 1TB/s memory bandwidth.

But Huang’s savagery knows no bounds. “It’s a weird launch, maybe they thought of it this morning,” he continued.

“The performance is lousy and there’s nothing new. No ray tracing, no AI. It’s 7nm with HBM memory that barely keeps up with a GeForce RTX 2080. And if we turn on DLSS we’ll crush it. And if we turn on ray tracing we’ll crush it.”

Phwoar. Takedown. Are these the words of a man under threat, or basking in arrogance? We’ll leave that to you to decide. It is also, of course, worth pointing out that Jensen Huang will have never actually seen the Radeon VII before and won’t be any wiser than anybody else as to how it performs.

AMD Radeon VII Flagship GPU Revealed. 16GB HBM2, 1TB Memory Bandwidth – First Benchmarks

PC World tried to get this thing going full Jerry Springer as well, asking AMD CEO Lisa Su her thoughts on what Jensen had said. “What I would say is that we’re very excited about Radeon VII, and I would probably suggest that he hasn’t seen it yet,” said Su.

What do you reckon then, is Jensen Huang right to be confidently boasting? Or do you think he’s worried about AMD’s 7nm progress and the undercutting of the RTX 2080? Let us know below!


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