News – SK Hynix Reveal World’s First DDR5 Memory Meeting JEDEC Standard, Clocked at 5200 MHz

SK Hynix has revealed the first DDR5 memory that’s fully compliant with JEDEC standards, showcasing 16GB DDR5 RAM that can far outperform today’s current DDR4 standard.

The DDR5 memory is clocked 5200 MHz, whereas typical DDR4 memory tops at 4600 MHz, with most commercially available DDR4 memory hovering around the region of 3200 MHz. It’s unclear where SK Hynix’s DDR5 module is the fastest it can push the new standard or an example of a more typical mid-range offering. For a point of reference, the first DDR4 RAM modules shown had clock rates of 2133 MHz, so they typically low-ball it with the initial spec.

There is potentially a lot of headroom above the already impressive 5200 MHz DDR5 memory. At 5.2 GHz the SK Hynix DDR5 DRAM can deliver 41.6 GB/s of data.

As we’ve come to expect, the DDR5 memory will also have greater power efficiency than DDR4, running at 1.2V rather than 1.1V and consuming 30% less power.

“Based on technological advancements that allowed the industry’s first DDR5 DRAM to meet the JEDEC standards, SK Hynix plans to begin mass producing the product from 2020, when the DDR5 market is expected to open, to actively respond to the demands of clients,” said SK Hynix vice president Joohwan Cho.

There’s little need to worry about DDR5 memory just yet though. SK Hynix is targeting a 2020 launch for the first DDR5 DRAM modules. They’re typically prohibitively expensive at launch but the price should drop dramatically after about 12 months or so. You will need a DDR5 compatible motherboard though, so this is one for a future build.

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