Klopp describes his Liverpool team as ‘really annoying’

Klopp describes his Liverpool team as ‘really annoying’

Jurgen Klopp has described his Liverpool side as “really annoying” in the build-up to their Champions League final clash with Real Madrid on Saturday.

The Merseysiders have beaten the odds to book a place in the showpiece final in Kiev this weekend with Zinedine Zidane’s side, who have won the last two Champions League titles.

And talking to Liverpol legend Robbie Fowler in the Daily Mirror, Klopp reckons that their 5-0 victory over Porto in the Round of 16 was the first time pundits and spectators sat up and really took notice.

“I think the 5-0 was the first time everybody went ‘Wow!’,” Klopp said. “Porto was the first time people asked, ‘What is going on there?’.

“Because Porto are a really good team. And that night we were really surprised by ourselves to go there and win 5-0 – there’s no chance to do that!

“And then Man City, for sure. For me they were the favourite for the Champions League this year, No.1 favourite. The way they play, they decide as a club they have to win it, and then you beat them. In the end, we are still here.

“So, we are kind of this very big club with a team which can be ­really annoying, ­really ­annoying, but with high-quality football as well.

“We didn’t win anything so far, so we are of course not the favourites. But no ­problem with that, it doesn’t mean we don’t want to win it.

“We only know, the way to do it is a lot of work for us. But we will have used the time ­before the final well, ­believe me.”


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