2019 Hyundai Nexo Fuel-Cell Launched In Korea, Starts From $31,000

Offered in two trim levels called Modern and Premium, it can be had from as low as 33,900,000 KWR, which equals to $31,428 at the current exchange rates.

The *final price includes the government grant for fuel cell electric vehicles and a regional subsidy. Without these, the 2019 Hyundai Nexo has a starting price of 68,900,000 KRW ($63,875) for the Modern and 71,200,000 KRW ($66,007) for the Premium grade.

Fuel cell components come with a 10-year or 160,000km (99,419-mile) warranty locally, but it’s unknown if they will adopt this strategy in global markets. Nevertheless, Hyundai will come back with more on the topic “at a later date”, when pricing and availability for other markets will be announced.

“We are witnessing a historic day, as fuel cell technology is being commercialized in large quantities”, said Hyundai’s Executive VP for Global Operations Division, Byung Kwon Rhim, referring to the 733 units of the vehicle pre-ordered on the first day. “With this positive beginning, we will continue our efforts in overseas markets to support fostering the newly developing fuel cell vehicle market.”

Going up against the Toyota Mirai and Honda Clarity, the Hyundai Nexo has an electric motor rated at 163PS (161hp) and 395Nm (291lb-ft) of torque. It needs 9.2sec for the 0-100km/h (0-62mph) acceleration, and can hit a top speed of 179km/h (111mph).

Refueling the three storage tanks with hydrogen, each having a capacity of 52.2 liters (13.7 gallons), takes less than 5 minutes, and after that, the vehicle can be driven for 609km (378miles) before needing another fuel stop.

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