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How can I install apps through those strange squares?

QR codes can store info like links and shortcuts. Download any of the recommended scanners below if your device doesn’t already have one. Then, launch it and aim to the code. The scanner will read it and fetch your app download link as if by magic.

1. Open your preferred Barcode scanner software

(Do not have barcode app? Get one here).

2. Point your phone camera at the QR code below and scan it.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the installation.Or search android Market

4. Open Android Market on Your phone

5. Type “Barcode Scanner” in the search field and hit “Search”

6. Once you find the “Barcode Scanner” app, choose “Install” and follow the instructions (What are QR codes? )


Barcode scanner Apps Downloads List:

BarcodeScanner_V4.5.apk (579 KB)

BarcodeScanner4.0.apk (519 KB)

Barcode_Scanner_3.6.apk (520 KB)

BarcodeScanner3.53.apk (496 KB)

BarcodeScanner3.5.apk (456 KB)


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