Grade 2 English..

Grade 2 English..

Sun App – September 28,2014

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    *** The next five-star Aces is your child! ***
    Producer: Jason (Graduated in USA with a Master’s degree, M.Sc.)
    *** Learn English, strength doubled. ***
    To speak English fluently, we must note the following important tips:
    1 For English words pronunciation, must reach accurate.
    2 try to imitate observed in English accent and tone.
    3 Let the tongue used to say English, so that action becomes a memory .
    4 master “English vocabulary” is actually the first step in learning English because it is a basic tool for learning English.
    Features and Functions:
    – For Grade 2 students (Note: Grade 2 based on elementary school standard of USA)
    – Suitable for ages 7-8 years old.
    – Vocabulary in this course, the international elite schools first grade students must understand the vocabulary.
    – Apply for your child to enter the prestigious and well-designed courses.
    – Teach your children to become high-quality elite students.
    – Suitable for schools to apply for entrance examinations for children, so that they can obtain excellent results.
    – Make your child build pure English pronunciation skills. Pronunciation of the vocabulary software program is the standard pure American accent, you have to let your children follow the pure American pronunciation software programs, whether it is voice level or speed, etc. must also be followed. Well, you can tell the child gradually pure American English.
    – Usage is very simple, even a child himself is operable, self-learning ability among children.
    – So they keep repeating to learn to listen and speak, your child can easily put materials keep in mind, when performing schools entrance examination, they will be able to casually say it can naturally obtain high grades, from easy to enter schools.
    * Please note, dear reader users, because the memory of a child is a short-term memory, you have to let your children learn at least 15 minutes or more a day, then gradually your child can progress rapidly, schools interview candidates will be able to shoo.

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